2015 > METAmorphosis

The aim of this piece is to bring to light how false accomplishments fill our lives but aren’t necessarily negative but rather a reflection on our own existence and finding meaning and beauty in the meaningless and impermanent nature of life. Using sports trophies as a signifier of false accomplishments I paralleled this notion to abstract drawing practices. The series of drawings I made for this piece were made with the intention of being time intensive, and as a procedural function without the intention of representing something on a page to be viewed. After making the drawings I used a coffee grinder to return the paper to a pulp. To then create an artifact of this endeavor I encapsulated this material in resin poured into molds of my old sports trophies. Going further into this process, I combined all the images of the drawings to create one large digital image, which viewers of my resin castings can view via a QR-code, which is displayed with the castings.

Ink and paper
72" x 135"